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Your Guide to Building a Flower Pot Fountain

by Granite Group Realtors® 08/15/2022

You can create your own simple and welcoming water fountain for your yard or porch using materials you might already have. If you have one or more ceramic flower pots gathering dust, you can turn them into a water feature in only a few simple steps. Here we’ll go over all the materials you need and the process for building your own DIY flower pot fountain.

What You’ll Need

18-inch ceramic pot
Smaller ceramic pot (size of your choice)
Drill with a spade bit
Water pump (with plastic tubing)
Silicone sealant
12-inch plastic pot
6-inch plastic pot
River stones or other decorative filler

How to Build Your Fountain

  1. Begin by drilling a hole in the bottom of the larger ceramic pot. Use a spade bit to make a hole large enough for the water pump cord to fit through.

  2. Place the water pump inside the pot and thread the power cord through the hole. Use silicone sealant around the edge of the hole to make sure the power cord stays put.

  3. Drill a wider hole into the bottom of the 12-inch plastic pot. Add some small holes around the sides for drainage. Then place it upside down inside the large ceramic pot.

  4. Add one hole to the bottom of the 6-inch pot and set aside for now.

  5. Insert one end of the plastic tubing through the hole in the bottom of the 12-inch pot. Attach the other end to the pump. Thread the tubing all the way up through the holes in the plastic and smaller ceramic pot, placing the 6 inch plastic pot inside. Make sure the pathway through is clear and the tubing is free of any kinks or bends.

  6. Now the tubing should stick out through the top of your “stack.” Cut off the excess tubing, leaving 1-2 inches in case you need to adjust it later.

  7. Then, fill both ceramic pots with your decorative stones or other filler. Add vase beads or colorful marbles for a more whimsical look or include a few faux plants for a lush vibe.

  8. Once your filler is in place, add water to both pots.

  9. Turn on the pump and check to see if you need to adjust anything. You can also trim the tube at the top if you want to. More tubing means a higher jet of water while less will have a more gentle trickle effect.

  10. Enjoy your beautiful new fountain!

You can use this same fountain design indoors and outdoors with a variety of different pot sizes. You can even create a tabletop fountain with a miniature water pump. No matter where you place it, this DIY water feature will surely add style and peaceful ambiance to any space.